We don’t need an artificial mass produced marketing exercise – every day is Fathers day, because every day we feel the loss and every day we love him.
The following post is written by our son, aged 11.8 (he told me to add the .8)
His idea, his words, his tribute.


Due to the fact that Father’s day is today I have decided to create a contribution to my Dads and my love of Star Trek. Additionally, this post will list everyone of my favourite episodes of Star Trek that I’ve seen. I hope you enjoy it.

The Original Series

Season 2, Episode 4,
Mirror Mirror:

In this episode Kirk, Bones, Scotty and
Uhura are beamed into a parallel universe due to a transporter malfunction where violence is the prime directive and killing a superior officer gets promotion.

Season 2, Episode 15,
The Trouble with Tribbles:

In this episode, the Enterprise is called to Deep Space Station K7 On a priority one channel. When they get there they are ordered to guard a type of corn from the Klingons. Trouble arrives when Jones Cyrano
boards and offers the crew a. ‘tribble’ . Due to their molecular superiority of breeding, in just three hours the space station was filled with Tribbles!

Season 2, Episode 24,
The Ultimate Computer:

In which the Enterprise is boarded by a new computer which is said to do the captains job at a much quicker rate. Trouble looms, when the computer malfunctions and takes control of the ship.

Season 3, Episode 1,
Spock’s brain:

In which, a mysterious life form stops the ship, makes the crew unconscious and steals Spock’s brain to use as their new leader.

Season 3, Episode 14,
Let that be your last battlefield:

In this episode, the crew of the Enterprise rescue a different type of life form. After resuscitating it a life form of the same race but completely opposite boards the ship in search of his enemy. They change the ships heading and put the crew of the Enterprise at risk. Then it becomes a battle of wits to see who can out bluff the other.

The Next Generation

Season 2, Episode 16,
Q who? :

In this episode a new type of life form boards the Enterprise D and claims to be completely omnipotent. However the bartender (Gynen) recognises the life form as Q. Q then has a big surprise for the Enterprise D as he hurls them 75 thousand light years to the Delta quadrant to meet a new ‘friend’.

Season 4, Episode 17,
Night terrors:

The Enterprise D is called to look for a missing ship, when they find it all but one of the crew are dead and the survivor is paralysed. As Jean Luc tries to figure out what’s happening the crew begin to experience what killed the others, all except one, Counsellor Troi who only experienced terrifying nightmares. Could this be a sign of their escape?

Season 5, Episode 18,
Cause and effect:

In this episode the crew are sucked into a temporal loop causing them to repeat the last 48 hours over and over again, each time ending in their destruction…..In this episode the crew are sucked into a temporal loop causing them to repeat the last 48 hours over and over again, each time ending in their destruction….In this episode the crew are sucked into a temporal loop causing them to repeat the last 48 hours over and over again, each time ending in their destruction….. !!!.

Season 7, Episodes 25 & 26,
All good things parts 1 & 2:

In this series finale Jean-Luc is stuck jumping from past, present and future in his lifetime. Unurprisingly Q is behind it but not entirely. In this two parter episode Q tells Jean-Luc he is reponsible for the destruction of mankind. Can Jean-Luc save history or will the earth explode?


Season 2, Episode 6,

In which the ship is caught in a spatial fragment focussed in holodeck 2, so no matter where you try to go from holodeck 2 you’ll always end up back there. How annoying!

Season 4, Episodes 8 & 9,
Year of Hell part 1,& 2:

In this two parter, the ship is hit by a temporal wave throwing the temporal timeline into chaos. Surprisingly Voyager is not affected but the world around her is. The ship is wrecked trying to continue their journey and around three quarters of the crew lost. Will Voyager be able to restore the time line or not?

Season 5, Episode 6,

In this episode, Chakote and Kim go back in time some 20 years to try and stop Voyagers destruction. With the help of the doctor and 7 of 9’s bio neural implant they can send a message back through time to warn Voyager.

Season 7, Episode 11,

In this episode all but one of the crew (Chakote) and the ship are shattered across the temporal timeline, (aka: the bridge is the past, several decks are early past, and astrometrics is the future). Furthermore, he takes Kathryn Janeway through a temporal barrier because he needs her help to inject the bio neural gel packs to restore the timeline.

Season 7, Episode 19,

In this episode Q calls on his ‘dear Aunt Kathy’ for some parental guidance. Q leaves his son with Captain Janeway in hope of taming him, unfortunately things don’t go to plan when Q’s son drags Voyager to the beginning of the universe!

Season 7, Episode 24,
Renaissance man:

In this penultimate series episode the doctor is abducted and forced to work for an alien species, however when his data banks overload with information he starts to decompile. Can B’lana save the doctor or will Voyager be without an EMH (emergency medical holographic programme?)

In conclusion, these were my favourite episodes of star trek so far, I will have more coming soon when I’ve finished watching all the series.
Finally, this is mine, my Mums and my Dads favourite Star Trek line :

‘From 5 to zero no command in the universe can stop this ship from destructing. You may be able to drag this ship to Sharron but I am in command of this starship, MINE is the final command’
Original series, Let that be your last battlefield.